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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Soundgarden Song?

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From the article: Top 10 Soundgarden Songs
I've put together my list of Soundgarden's best songs. Now it's your turn -- what's your favorite Soundgarden track?

slaves and bulldozers!!

Slaves and bulldozers is missing that top 10...in sane vocals and riffs...incredible heard live
—Guest GB

What about My Wave?

By far one of my favorites from them. There are totally enough for a top 20!
—Guest Mister K

nothing seems to kill me

Blow up the outside world best soundgarden song like a stone best audioslave song
—Guest vegetablehead

Pretty good list

1. Fell on Black Days 2. Day I tried to Live 3. Outshined 4. Rusty Cage 5. Jesus Christ Pose 6. Spoonman 7. Black Hole Sun 8. 4th of July 9. Like Suicide 10a. Limo Wreck 10b. Mailman
—Guest Ken

I agree in some ways.

Where is "Burden in my hand"?? I think that one is a great track.
—Guest MayMay

my top ten

10. Rusty Cage 9. Loud Love 8. Spoonman 7. 4th Of July 6. Fell on Black Days 5. Ty Cobb 4. Flower 3. Blow Up the Outside World 2. Black Hole Sun 1. Outshined
—Guest cody rice

My 2 Cents...

Great article, however there is no way Black Hole Sun is their best track! It's a great song, but lacks some of the power and the glory that is Soundgarden. I'll look for "Slient Lucidity" atop your Queensryche top track list. ;) Seriously though, Outshined may be at the top of my list. My top 10 also includes "Drawing Flies," "Mind Riot," and Superunknown's "Like Suicide." Lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/s/soundgarden/drawing+flies_20128150.html
—Guest Paul

Maybe we should start doing a top 20...

How about "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" or "The Day I Tried To Live" ???
—Guest E. Diddy

Great list, but...

...no "Burden In My Hand" or "Birth Ritual". Truly awesome tracks.
—Guest Geoff

Room A Thousand Years Wide

One of the best rock songs EVER! I agree that the song is underrated, yet I'm glad it didn't become a "hit". If it did, I would be sick of it by now, like some of the overplayed hit SG songs.
—Guest Helen

Big Dumb Sex

I liked all your picks, but I think this song is really great too. People don't understand it's a satire.
—Guest Tony

"come together with your hands...."

I really love Spoonman. But I also like Black Hole Sun a lot.

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