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Readers Respond: What Was Your Favorite Rock Song of 2008?

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From the article: Top 10 Rock Songs of 2008
I've picked my list of the 10 best rock songs of 2008, but what about you? What were your favorites?

Supermassive Balck Hole by MUSE

Supermassive Balck Hole by MUSE rock on dudes! The best.
—Guest Membername

FAVE SONG OF 2008!!!

Well, me and my friends staretd a band, so our song that we will post up soon, Not Hanging Around To See by When We Were Alve.
—Guest When We Were Alive

"let it rock"

I love that song, every time I turn on my Mp3 player, that is the first song I listen to.
—Guest kevin

Hold Steady

I love Sequestered In Memphis. Those guys are the best.
—Guest Mandy

"let it rock"

kevin rudolf gets me pumped up every morning. i love this song!!
—Guest john

Best Rock Song 2008

Really, really hard to pick just one! 'Saints of Los Angeles' by Motley Crue comes to mind immediately, but I loved 'Paralysis' by Weiland, and I'd probably put Kings of Leon and MGMT in there somewhere as well. Worst song? 'Human' by The Killers. Like the band, can't stand that song!

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