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Rock Music Artists, Styles and Genres


Here is the perfect place to learn about the basics of rock music, including its history and a description of the different genres. Plus, I have a breakdown of the key artists in different rock styles.
  1. Rock Music 101
  2. '90s Grunge Artists
  3. Rock/Pop Artists
  4. Post-Grunge Artists
  5. Alt-Rock Artists
  6. Indie-Rock Artists
  1. Hard Rock/Metal Artists
  2. Alt-Metal Artists
  3. Rap-Rock Artists
  4. Rock Producers
  5. Rock Tours
  6. Concert Photo Galleries

Rock Music 101

chris cornell

What is rock music? Who were the bands that pioneered the style, and what groups pushed rock music into adventurous new terrain? We'll examine rock's origins, its evolution into different genres, and its place in the modern musical landscape.

'90s Grunge Artists

soundgarden superunknown

These Seattle bands merged metal and punk to form a new sound, one that still resonates today.

Rock/Pop Artists

oasis what's the story morning glory

Looking for some melody with your rock? These bands balance riffs with concise, accessible songwriting.

Post-Grunge Artists

nickelback dark horse

Earnest songs about everyday concerns - that's the lyrical domain of these hard rock bands.

Alt-Rock Artists

stone temple pilots core

Recalling classic rock while adding a contemporary spin, these bands are both timeless and cutting-edge.

Indie-Rock Artists

hold steady heaven is whenever

Some bands merge styles in compelling and experimental ways -- here are the best indie-rock groups out there.

Hard Rock/Metal Artists

buckcherry black butterfly

Like your music with a lot more volume and aggression? Crank it up with these hard rock and metal bands.

Alt-Metal Artists

staind illusion of progress

Alt-metal groups take the conventions of metal and update them for a new century, appealing to both the head-bangers and the rock-radio crowd.

Rap-Rock Artists

linkin park hybrid theory

Add hip-hop to hard rock and what do you have? Rap-rock ... and these unique artists.

Rock Producers

howard benson

Terrific rock albums need more than great songs and performers -- there are also the people who work behind the scenes in the studio that make the magic happen. Take a look at the music producers shaping the sound of contemporary rock.

Rock Tours

Keep up with the latest concert info and rock festival dates here.

Concert Photo Galleries

blink 182

Can't make it out to see your favorite bands in concert? Then enjoy these vivid photo galleries that capture the world's biggest rock stars in their natural environment -- the stage.

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