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The Basics of Rock Music

What is rock music? Who were the bands that pioneered the style, and what groups pushed rock music into adventurous new terrain? We'll examine rock's origins, its evolution into different genres, and its place in the modern musical landscape.
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What Is Rock Music?
People can argue about the exact definition of rock music, but no one can deny that the music has constantly evolved from its early origins to its vibrant present.

Rock Genres
Think there's only one way to rock? Not a chance: Contemporary rock bands come in all shapes and sounds.

Top 10 Most Influential Rock Bands
A list of the 10 most influential rock bands that set the stage for the contemporary music scene.

Top 10 Essential Rock Albums
If you're just getting interested in rock music, here's the list of must-have albums to start your collection.

Top 10 Essential Rock Songs
Looking for the perfect mix CD? These 10 tracks represent the best of rock music.

What Is Alternative Metal?
A history of alternative metal, also known as alt-metal or nu-metal, including a time line and a list of essential bands.

What Is Post-Grunge?
A history of post-grunge, a genre of rock music that began in the 1990s, including a time line and a list of essential bands.

What Is Rap-Rock?
A history of rap-rock, including a timeline that begins with the birth of hip-hop and goes on to encompass the biggest contemporary rap-rock artists.

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