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How to Destroy Angels


how to destroy angels

How to Destroy Angels

Photo courtesy How to Destroy Angels.

How to Destroy Angels Overview:

How to Destroy Angels are a four-piece techno-rock group led by Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, who used to be the lead singer in West Indian Girl. The band formed early in 2010 and plan to put out a self-titled EP over the summer. Though not a major stylistic shift from his work in NIN, How to Destroy Angels does differ from Reznor's principal band in that it features Maandig's vocals rather than his own.

How to Destroy Angels' Origins:

Fans got their first clue about the existence of How to Destroy Angels on February 1, 2010, when Reznor cryptically commented on Twitter, "1st official day of work in the studio." Speculation swirled for the next few months about Reznor's return to the studio, with observers wondering if he was working on new Nine Inch Nails material after vowing to retire the band as a touring unit in 2009. But at the end of April, a website for How to Destroy Angels was launched, announcing the formation of this new group.

How To Destroy Angels Prepare Their First EP:

How to Destroy Angels, which also includes Reznor collaborator Atticus Rose, prepped their first EP for a June 1, 2010 release. The first two tracks from How to Destroy Angels were the moody seven-minute song "A Drowning" and the slow industrial grind of "The Space in Between." Both tracks revealed an unmistakable similarity to the taut, spare musicianship of NIN albums like The Downward Spiral and The Slip, although Maandig's whispered, ethereal vocals give them a delicacy rarely felt on a Nine Inch Nail song.

'Welcome Oblivion':

After releasing a second EP, An Omen, in 2012, the band announced that their full-length debut, Welcome Oblivion, would be arriving on March 5, 2013. The album contained a few tracks from An Omen, as well as brand new material.

How to Destroy Angels Lineup:

Mariqueen Maandig
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Rob Sheridan

How to Destroy Angels Songs:

"A Drowning" (Purchase/Download)
"The Space in Between"

How to Destroy Angels Discography

How to Destroy Angels (EP) (2010)
An Omen (EP) (2012)
Welcome Oblivion (2013)

How to Destroy Angels Quotes:

Trent Reznor, answering fans' questions on Facebook, about the sonic similarities between Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels' "A Drowning."
"Yes, it sounds more NIN-ish than I believe it will as we progress. To me, HTDA frees me from some of the constraints I've begun to feel (primarily emotionally) in NIN." (Rolling Stone, May 6, 2010)

Trent Reznor, answering fans' questions on Facebook, about the future of Nine Inch Nails now that he's focusing on How to Destroy Angels.
"NIN is not dead and I am about to work on some material that I believe will be quite different than previous NIN very soon." (Rolling Stone, May 6, 2010)

How to Destroy Angels Trivia:

  • How to Destroy Angels got their name from a song by the industrial-rock band Coil.
  • Reznor and Maandig married on October 17, 2009. They were engaged for about five months.

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