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Rockstar Mayhem 2010 Lineup

All the Bands Playing the 2010 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival


Rockstar Mayhem 2010 Lineup

Rockstar Mayhem 2010: Jonathan Davis of Korn

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
2010 marks the third straight summer that the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival will be rolling across North America with its collection of hard rock and metal bands. As before, this year’s installment of Rockstar Mayhem will feature three stages. The Jagermeister and Mayhem Festival stages will run earlier in the day, while the event’s four headliners will play on the main stage later in the evening. Check out this year’s tour dates while you get acquainted with the bands playing Rockstar Mayhem 2010:

Main Stage:

Korn -- Korn have been working on their follow-up to 2007’s Untitled with producer Ross Robinson, who was behind the boards on the band’s first two albums. Korn III - Remember Who You Are will hit stores July 13, hoping to recapture some of the group’s late-’90s commercial magic. (Learn more about Korn)

Rob Zombie -- The man behind White Zombie – who had their biggest hit with the 1995 psycho-rock song “More Human Than Human” – Rob Zombie has split his time in recent years between making solo albums and directing horror films. But he’s back with a new record, Hellbilly Deluxe 2, and will hopefully dip into his back catalogue during this festival. (Read a review of The Best of Rob Zombie)

Lamb of God -- Generally considered one of the preeminent American metal bands out today, Lamb of God released their latest album, Wrath, in February 2009. Wrath went to No. 2 on the Billboard album chart, and the song “Set to Fail” was nominated for a Best Metal Performance Grammy. (Learn more about Lamb of God)

Five Finger Death Punch -- Five Finger Death Punch will be touring in support of last year’s War Is the Answer, which combined metal’s more aggressive qualities with catchy melodies. This will be the second time Five Finger Death Punch have been part of the Rockstar festival – they played the Jagermeister Stage in 2008. (Read a review of War Is The Answer)

Jagermeister Stage:

Hatebreed -- Hatebreed have been producing metalcore albums for over 15 years, their most recent being their self-titled 2009 record. Original guitarist Wayne Lozinak returned to the lineup last year, joined by Frank Novinec. Hatebreed’s bevy of influences can be felt (and heard) on their 2009 covers album For the Lions, which included the band’s take on classic tracks from Slayer, Metallica, Black Flag and Bad Brains. (Learn more about Hatebreed)

Chimaira -- By the time Chimaira hit the Rockstar Mayhem stage, it will have been over a year since the release of their last record, The Infection. The Ohio metal group have enjoyed a period of relative tranquility after years of internal tension and label problems. Appropriately, the band named their 2007 album Resurrection and have never looked back, gaining plaudits for their experimental, brutal sound. (Learn more about Chimaira)

Shadows Fall -- The Massachusetts metal band Shadows Fall bridge many worlds. They’ve managed to lure in mainstream rock audiences while at the same time impressing hardcore fans. Plus, they’ve received two Grammy nominations, suggesting a respect for their mixture of melody and fury. (Learn more about Shadows Fall)

Winds of Plague -- With album titles like Decimate the Weak and A Cold Day in Hell, it’s no surprise that Winds of Plague are a death-metal band. Unlike many of their peers, though, Winds of Plague also include a keyboardist (Alana Potocnik), which gives their jet-black songs a dramatic, operatic lift. (Read a review of Decimate the Weak)

Silver Star Stage:

Atreyu -- When Atreyu went to work on their follow-up to 2007’s Lead Sails Paper Anchor, the band decided they wanted to distance themselves from that record’s more pop-leaning songs. The result was last year’s Congregation of the Damned, a return to the group’s metal roots. That eschewing of mainstream sensibilities may have hurt the Orange County band with consumers – it was their first album in five years not to hit the Top 10 on the Billboard chart – but it helped reestablish the group’s metalcore bona fides. (Read a review of Lead Sails Paper Anchor)

Norma Jean -- Norma Jean are a Christian metal band whose last album, 2008’s The Anti Mother, had songs that focused on religious hypocrisy and the scourge of chemical dependence. The group are working on a new record, which they hope to put out around the time that Rockstar Mayhem kicks into overdrive.

In This Moment -- Led by Maria Brink – one of the few female vocalists in heavy metal – In This Moment will be looking to release their latest album over the summer. Starting out as a metal band, In This Moment have gravitated toward a cleaner hard rock sound after their bruising 2007 debut, Beautiful Tragedy. (Read an interview with Maria Brink)

3 Inches of Blood -- On their most recent album, Here Waits Thy Doom, 3 Inches of Blood jettisoned vocalist (i.e. designated screamer) Jamie Hooper and focused on frontman Cam Pipes, which gave the Canadian metal group a more distinctive personality. Specializing in old-school metal that recalls classic bands like Judas Priest, 3 Inches of Blood have failed to make much of an impression on the U.S. market but will hope to change that with this tour. (Read a review of Here Waits Thy Doom)

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