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Billboard Rock Charts - November 17, 2012

Neil Young, Christmas Music Shake Up the Charts


neil young crazy horse psychedelic pill

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 'Psychedelic Pill'

Photo courtesy Warner Bros.
Four of the five charts that we look at on a weekly basic for our Billboard Rock Charts column have the same No. 1 as they did last week. But with Kiss and Gary Clark, Jr. slipping off our countdown, it's time to say hello to some veteran acts making their return to the top of the charts.

Rock Songs Chart

1. fun. - "Some Nights" (Purchase/Download)
2. Alex Clare - "Too Close" (Purchase/Download)
3. Phillip Phillips - "Home" (Purchase/Download)
4. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Purchase/Download)
5. Imagine Dragons - "It's Time" (Purchase/Download)

There isn't a lick of movement on the Rock Songs chart, with the five biggest hits exactly in the same position as they were last week. For a fifth straight week, fun. are at No. 1 with the title track from their hit album Some Nights. (The band recently performed the song on Saturday Night Live.) For a sense of how static the Rock Songs chart is, the top eight remained unchained.

Rock Albums Chart

1. Mumford & Sons - Babel (Purchase/Download)
2. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill (Purchase/Download)
3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) (Purchase/Download)
4. Flyleaf - New Horizons (Purchase/Download)
5. fun. - Some Nights (Purchase/Download)

2012 marked the happy reunion of Neil Young with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse. In June, they released Americana, a collection of covers, but now they're back with Psychedelic Pill, a double album of new material. It clocks in at No. 2 on the Rock Albums chart, bested by Mumford & Sons, whose Babel tops the chart for a sixth straight week. Other new entries in the Top Five include Flyleaf, whose New Horizons is at No. 4, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who have put out another Christmas collection, checking in at No. 3.

Alternative Songs Chart

1. Muse - "Madness" (Purchase/Download)
2. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait" (Purchase/Download)
3. The Black Keys - "Little Black Submarines" (Purchase/Download)
4. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Purchase/Download)
5. Passion Pit - "Take a Walk" (Purchase/Download)

For a fourth straight week, Muse's biggest single from The 2nd Law rules the Alternative Songs chart. "Madness" beat out "I Will Wait," but once again the only movement in the Top Five is between The Black Keys's "Little Black Submarines" and the Lumineers' "Ho Hey." These two songs keep taking turns at No. 3.

Alternative Albums Chart

1. Mumford & Sons - Babel (Purchase/Download)
2. Flyleaf - New Horizons (Purchase/Download)
3. fun. - Some Nights (Purchase/Download)
4. The Lumineers - The Lumineers (Purchase/Download)
5. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More (Purchase/Download)

The third studio release from Flyleaf is the only new album in this week's Top Five of the Alternative Albums chart. But that doesn't mean that New Horizons had enough juice to knock off our champion, Babel, which remains on top. Some Nights has been inching up the chart in the last few weeks: The previous No. 1 is now at No. 3. And if you can't get enough Mumford & Sons chart news, the band's debut, Sigh No More, is still sitting comfortably at No. 5.

Hard Rock Albums Chart

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) (Purchase/Download)
2. Flyleaf - New Horizons (Purchase/Download)
3. Parkway Drive - Atlas (Purchase/Download)
4. Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones - Part 1 (Purchase/Download)
5. Black Country Communion - Afterglow (Purchase/Download)

Lots of turnover on this week's Hard Rock Albums chart. Stone Sour, who were last week's No. 1 with House of Gold & Bones - Part 1, tumble to No. 4, and the rest of the Top Five are all new entries. Trans-Siberian Orchestra grab the top spot, with Flyleaf right behind them. The Australian metal band Parkway Drive are at No. 3 with Atlas, their fourth studio effort. And checking in at No. 5 is Black Country Communion, a blues band, with their latest, Afterglow.

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