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Billboard Rock Charts - March 2, 2013

Imagine Dragons, Bullet for My Valentine Rock the Charts


imagine dragons

Imagine Dragons

Photo courtesy Total Assault.
The fallout from the Grammys is still being felt on the Billboard Rock Charts. Album of the Year winner Babel shot back to No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, so it's no surprise it had a strong showing on our charts as well. But let's not overlook a rookie band from Las Vegas who have been impressing on the singles charts.

Rock Songs Chart

1. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Purchase/Download)
2. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait" (Purchase/Download)
3. fun. - "Carry On" (Purchase/Download)
4. Imagine Dragons - "It's Time" (Purchase/Download)
5. fun. - "Some Nights" (Purchase/Download)

For an astounding 12th straight week, "Ho Hey" sits at No. 1 on the Rock Songs chart. The other big news is that fun. landed not one but two songs into the Top Five. "Carry On" bounds up seven spots to land at No. 3, while "Some Nights" jumps from No. 7 to No. 5.

Rock Airplay Chart

1. Muse - "Madness" (Purchase/Download)
2. Imagine Dragons - "Radioactive" (Purchase/Download)
3. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey"
4. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait"
5. Atlas Genius - "Trojans" (Purchase/Download)

Imagine Dragons are No. 4 on the Rock Songs chart with "It's Time," but on the Rock Airplay chart, the Las Vegas quartet have jumped up from No. 5 to No. 2 with another single, "Radioactive." Still, our No. 1 remains "Madness;" the Muse track has been on top for 11 of the last 12 weeks. And returning to the Top Five is "Trojans," the indie-pop single from Atlas Genius that's now hanging out at No. 5.

Rock Albums Chart

1. Mumford & Sons - Babel (Purchase/Download)
2. 2013 Grammy Nominees (Purchase/Download)
3. The Lumineers - The Lumineers (Purchase/Download)
4. fun. - Some Nights (Purchase/Download)
5. Bullet for My Valentine - Temper Temper (Purchase/Download)

The top two records on the Billboard album chart are also the top two on the Rock Albums chart. Babel is at No. 1 for a second week, followed by 2013 Grammy Nominees, a collection of songs from all across the musical map that were nominated. The only debut comes from Bullet for My Valentine, a metal band who just put out their fourth full-length disc, Temper Temper. It checks in at No. 5.

Alternative Songs Chart

1. Imagine Dragons - "Radioactive"
2. Muse - "Madness"
3. Of Monsters and Men - "Mountain Sound" (Purchase/Download)
4. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait"
5. The Black Keys - "Little Black Submarines" (Purchase/Download)

"Madness" had been the champion of the Alternative Songs chart for an unprecedented 19 weeks. But that streak is now over. Muse fall to No. 2, giving ground to Imagine Dragons, whose "Radioactive" moves up one spot to grab No. 1. About ready to crack the Top Five could be Silversun Pickups. Their hit "The Pit" is at No. 6, two spots up from last week.

Alternative Albums Chart

1. Mumford & Sons - Babel
2. The Lumineers - The Lumineers
3. fun. - Some Nights
4. Bullet for My Valentine - Temper Temper
5. The Black Keys - El Camino (Purchase/Download)

Mumford & Sons stay atop the Alternative Albums chart, where four of the Top Five are discs that were major Grammy nominees. Returning to the upper echelons of the chart is El Camino at No. 5. And keep an eye out for Boys & Girls: The debut album from Alabama Shakes, who recently played Saturday Night Live, rises from No. 10 to No. 6.

Hard Rock Albums Chart

1. Bullet for My Valentine - Temper Temper
2. Red - Release the Panic (Purchase/Download)
3. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (Purchase/Download)
4. Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Descension (Purchase/Download)
5. Hollywood Undead - Notes from the Underground (Purchase/Download)

In its first week, Temper Temper snags the pole position on the Hard Rock Albums chart. Returning to the Top Five are Hollywood Undead, who were previously at No. 1 with their latest effort, Notes from the Underground.

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