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Billboard Rock Charts - February 9, 2013

Grammy Nominees Highlight a Slow Chart Week


black keys

The Black Keys

Photo courtesy Sacks & Co.
A few new albums are starting to trickle in, but the Billboard Rock Charts remain very much enamored with some of the big releases of 2012. But with the Grammys just around the corner, the focus is quickly shifting toward those artists who are hoping to walk away with the top prizes.

Rock Songs Chart

1. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Purchase/Download)
2. Phillip Phillips - "Home" (Purchase/Download)
3. Imagine Dragons - "It's Time" (Purchase/Download)
4. fun. - "Some Nights" (Purchase/Download)
5. Ed Sheeran - "The A Team" (Purchase/Download)

For a ninth straight week, the Lumineers rule the Rock Songs chart with "Ho Hey." The Denver trio are in the running for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album (for The Lumineers). At No. 4 is "Some Nights" from fun., who are up for a mess of Grammys, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year (for Some Nights).

Rock Airplay Chart

1. Muse - "Madness" (Purchase/Download)
2. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait" (Purchase/Download)
3. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Purchase/Download)
4. The Black Keys - "Little Black Submarines" (Purchase/Download)
5. Atlas Genius - "Trojans" (Purchase/Download)

Muse's "Madness" takes the top spot on the Rock Airplay chart once again. (For eight of the last nine weeks, the 2nd Law single has been at No. 1.) "Madness" is trying to win Best Rock Song at the Grammys, while the disc is up for Best Rock Album. Sitting tight at No. 2 is "I Will Wait" from Mumford & Sons, who will be battling it out for Album of the Year.

Rock Albums Chart

1. The Lumineers - The Lumineers (Purchase/Download)
2. 2013 Grammy Nominees (Purchase/Download)
3. Mumford & Sons - Babel (Purchase/Download)
4. Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Purchase/Download)
5. Phillip Phillips - The World From the Side of the Moon (Purchase/Download)

The Lumineers enjoys a second week on top of the Rock Albums chart but, interestingly, the band is also part of the No. 2 album as well. That's because the Lumineers are one of 22 acts featured on 2013 Grammy Nominees, a collection that brings together artists of all stripes who are nominated for Grammys, including Adele, Frank Ocean and Jack White.

Alternative Songs Chart

1. Muse - "Madness" (Purchase/Download)
2. Imagine Dragons - "Radioactive" (Purchase/Download)
3. The Black Keys - "Little Black Submarines" (Purchase/Download)
4. Mumford & Sons - "I Will Wait" (Purchase/Download)
5. Atlas Genius - "Trojans" (Purchase/Download)

Since October, "Madness" has been unstoppable on the Alternative Songs chart. But Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" moves up another notch to No. 2, threatening Muse's reign. Dropping a spot to No. 3 is "Little Black Submarines" from the Black Keys, who are also in the running for Album of the Year.

Alternative Albums Chart

1. The Lumineers - The Lumineers (Purchase/Download)
2. Mumford & Sons - Babel (Purchase/Download)
3. Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Purchase/Download)
4. Bad Religion - True North (Purchase/Download)
5. fun. - Some Nights (Purchase/Download)

Bad Religion have been putting out albums for more than 30 years, and their latest, True North, debuts at No. 4 on the Alternative Albums chart. (By the way, Bad Religion have never been nominated for a Grammy.) But the top spot on the chart belongs to The Lumineers for a second straight week.

Hard Rock Albums Chart

1. Trapt - Reborn (Purchase/Download)
2. Hollywood Undead - Notes From the Underground (Purchase/Download)
3. Black Veil Brides - Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones (Purchase/Download)
4. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (Purchase/Download)
5. Love and Death - Between Here & Lost (Purchase/Download)

Trapt's fifth album, Reborn, puts them at No. 1 on the Hard Rock Albums chart. That's not our only debut in the Top Five, though: At No. 5 is Between Here & Lost, the album from Love and Death that includes Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

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