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History of Rap-Rock - Rock Music - About.com
A history of rap-rock, including a timeline that begins with the birth of hip-hop and goes on to encompass the biggest contemporary rap rock artists.
Essential Rap-Rock Songs (Top 10 List) - Rock Music - About.com
Contrary to popular opinion, not all rap-rock sounds the same. As proof, here are the 10 most essential rap-rock songs, which run the gamut from the art-metal ...
Top 10 Essential Rap-Rock Songs - Rock Music - About.com
From the article: Top 10 Essential Rap-Rock Songs. I've put together a list of the Top 10 Essential Rap-Rock Songs. What's your favorite rap-rock song of all time  ...
Korn Biography and Profile - Rock Music - About.com
Focusing less on rap-rock and staying true to their metal roots, Korn didn't necessarily break any new ground on Issues, though that probably helped on the  ...
Best Rock Workout Songs (Top 20 List) - Rock Music - About.com
At the height of his merger of rock and rap, Kid Rock gave us "Bawitdaba," his all- bragging, all-cocky signature track. It's impossible not to get up and move when ...
Beastie Boys Artist Profile - 80s Music - About.com
For better or for worse (and sometimes, during the '90s, it got pretty bad), the Beastie Boys helped create a new genre in rap-rock that captured the imagination ...
Kid Rock Biography and Profile - Rock Music - About.com
Influenced by hip-hop and the Beastie Boys' ability to merge rap and rock, Ritchie – who went by the stage name Kid Rock – released a series of albums in the ...
100 Best Hip-Hop Albums / - Rap/Hip-Hop - About.com
Rick Rubin, the true pioneer of rap rock is the one pulling the musical puppet strings on this thing. But the album is nothing without the Beasties destroying every ...
A List and Explanations of Different Rock Genres - Rock Music
A style popularized at the end of the '90s, rap-rock merges the two genres into a combustible new sound featuring turntables, guitars and rapped vocals.
The History of Post-Grunge - Rock Music - About.com
A history of post-grunge, a genre of rock music that began in the 1990s, ... near the end of the '90s, alt-metal and rap-rock swooped in to assert their dominance.
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