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Food-Infesting Weevils and Their Control - Pest Control - About.com
Similar to other pantry pests, granary and rice weevils will infest and feed on whole grains and rice as well as nuts, beans, cereals, seeds, corn, and other such ...
What Causes Bed Bugs? - Information - Insects - About.com
Once considered a pest of the past, bed bugs now make regular headlines as they infest homes, hotels, and dormitories worldwide. As bed bugs spread, more  ...
An Index of Common Tree Insect Pests - Forestry - About.com
Because it infests the new shoots of sapling conifers, this insect is particularly destructive on planted trees destined for the Christmas tree market. More .
How to Handle Bed Bug Infestation Laundry - About.com
Learn how to handle laundry properly after a bed bug infestation to help remove bed bugs and prevent reinfestation.
Can My Family Become Infested with Lice From Our Pet?
Lice are a common parasite, especially for school-aged children. Often, the family pet gets blamed for the infestation. But is your dog or cat really to blame?
Control of Food-Infesting Weevils - Pest Control - About.com
If you have seen weevils crawling or flying in or around your pantry or other area where you store food, you most likely have an infested package of food.
Pests 101, Photos, Profiles and Signs of Infestation - Pest Control
Because mice produce large litters in a short period of time, an infestation can equal big trouble for any home, school or business owner. Rodent experts say that ...
Preventing Pest Infestations of Home, Workplace & School
Is your city on a Top 50 or Top 10 list of Bed Bug-infested cities? What can you do to prevent bed bugs? Share. Boxelder bug seeking shelter in ponderosa pine ...
Lice: Can Pets Get Head Lice From Kids (Or Vice Versa)?
More About Lice and Pets: Can My Family Become Infested with Lice From Our Pet? Related Reading: Glossary term: Pediculosis · Lice: Introduction Several ...
Can Fleas Live on People? - Insects - About.com
Less often, dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) infest homes. Dog fleas aren't picky parasites, either, and will gladly draw blood from your cat. In either case - cat ...
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