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Black Keys Profile and Biography - Rock Music - About.com
A look at the history of the rock band the Black Keys.
Best Black Keys Songs - Rock Music - About.com
The Black Keys (singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney) have been putting out albums since 2002, pledging allegiance to the power of the ...
The Black Keys - El Camino Review - Rock Music - About.com
Review of 'El Camino,' the 2011 album from the Black Keys.
An Explanation of Black Piano Keys - About.com
Black piano keys are sharps or flats, and the black piano keys' notes can be identified by its surrounding white keys. Learn more about sharps and flats of the  ...
How to Play the Black Piano Keys - About.com
Learn how to play the black piano keys, and find out which fingers touch which keys when playing accidentals on the keyboard. This illustrated walk-through ...
Top 10 Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2013
The reunited and re-energized Alice in Chains shocked the world with their superb comeback album Black Gives Way to Blue. Four years later, they'll be ...
Basic Notes of the Piano Video
On the acoustic piano there are 88 keys. You'll notice the black keys are grouped in 2's and 3's. These groupings help us to locate where all of the white keys are ...
black keys coachella - Rock Music - About.com
The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach performs at Coachella on April 13, 2012. The band's latest album, El Camino, was one of 2011's best rock albums and has ...
Black Keys Lollapalooza 2010 Photos - Rock Music - About.com
Drummer Patrick Carney and frontman Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys rip it up on August 6 at Lollapalooza 2010. The three-day festival was held in Chicago, ...
Overview of Piano Keyboard Layout Video
The acoustic piano keyboard has a total of 88 keys. As you can see the keyboard has white keys and black keys and the black keys are found in groups of 2 or 3.
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