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Dave Grohl Is Planning Some Surprises for 'Sound City' Sundance Premiere

By January 3, 2013

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We forget this now, but before Foo Fighters released their 2011 album Wasting Light, they focused on a rather savvy campaign to get the word out about the disc. Among the things they did was hold a contest where a few lucky winners would get to have the band perform in their garage. (The choice of venue was meant to highlight Wasting Light's back-to-basics rock sound.) You've to give Dave Grohl credit: Beyond being a sharp songwriter, he's got an imagination for promotion.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that for his big debut as a documentary filmmaker, he's pulling out all the stops.

It was announced yesterday that the premiere of Sound City, his film about the iconic titular recording space, will be accompanied by a performance from Grohl and a secret collection of musicians.

This will be happening on January 18 when the film is unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival. The band of musicians, which is being called the Sound City Players, hasn't been announced yet, but considering the amount of artists who speak in the film -- everyone from Trent Reznor to Rick Springfield -- there are many intriguing possibilities for the lineup.

Sound City was always going to be a high-profile item at Sundance, which caters to star-studded premieres. The fact that Grohl and a mystery backing band will also be performing during the festival will merely be icing on the cake.

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