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David Draiman Discusses Disturbed's "Indefinite Hiatus"

By August 6, 2011

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One of the easiest ways to scare your fan base is to tell them that your band is going on a hiatus. Whether you're the Killers or System of a Down, the terminology usually causes a lot of confusion because no one's sure if you're breaking up or just taking a break. The latest group to experience this is Disturbed, who at the end of last month revealed they were going to go on hiatus soon after they finished their tour as part of Rockstar Mayhem. Now lead singer David Draiman has had to discuss in detail exactly what that hiatus means.

Draiman recently spoke with Revolver to insist that Disturbed aren't taking a break because they hate each other. (In interest of full disclosure, I contribute to Revolver.) "I want to make it very clear that it is absolutely, unequivocally not due to any animosity between band members because there is none," Draiman said in the interview. To hammer the point home, he mentioned that two of his bandmates -- guitarist Danny Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren -- will be part of his forthcoming wedding party.

With that said, though, Draiman is referring to this as an "indefinite hiatus," which generally signals that we shouldn't expect much new material or tours for the next two years. And according to him, the uncertainty about the long-term health of the music business was an important factor in the group's decision. "If things were gangbusters in the industry it would be much more difficult to turn away for a little while and concentrate on other things we'd like to do," Draiman said. "It would be cutting off our nose to spite our face. Where things go with any of us in our own individual projects during this hiatus will determine how long it lasts or if it is, in fact, indefinite."

That last sentence probably won't make Disturbed fans too happy. Could this really be the last we've heard of the band? It's hard to say, but it seems unlikely. The music industry may be suffering, but Disturbed remain one of metal's most popular bands, with last year's Asylum becoming the group's fourth straight album to hit No. 1. Plus, they're a successful touring unit. Frankly, a lot of groups would love to be in the position they're in.

Once Disturbed finish up Rockstar Mayhem, they'll do four shows in South America -- their first time playing there -- in late August. After that? The band members will focus on other projects, and Draiman will be enjoying married life. And then we'll see.

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